How to Measure

Since my pieces are all custom it is important to get correct measurements. There is a size chart provide as well as a diagram of where to measure.

Bust- Around the fullest part of the chest. Make sure the tape measure is straight.

Waist- This is the smallest part of your torso... Not where you would wear your pants. This is where you want your dresses to have the skirt attached. The smallest part is going to be the most flattering place.

Hips- This is the fullest part of your hips, usually straight across your bottom.

Armpit to waist- Measure down your side from just  under your armpit (where your shirt seam would sit) down to where you took your waist measurement.

Length- This is important, because everyone is different and length is different for everyone. This helps insure that your dress falls where you want it to. Measure from under your armpit down your side until you reach where you want your dress to stop. 

* It is always helpful to do your measurements in front of a mirror or have a friend help.